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Research in Germany

„Research Areas“


Germany is famous for science and technology, but it does not mean you can only do research in these two areas. Germany has produced a great number of philosophers, componists, businessmen as well as scientists and engineers. Research projects range from humanities, social sciences and business to natural sciences, information technology and engineering. For doctoral candidates, as long as the supervisor agrees with your research topic, you can do whatever research you like. Academic freedom is the cornerstone for successful research programmes.


Find more examples of research activities in Germany and search for relevant companies & research institutes:


Environment and Energy


Health and Safety


Interdisciplinary Technologies


Communication and Mobility


Future and Society


Please click here to download the file about "How to Write a Research Proposal" 

Research in Germany.de presents the first issue of its English newsletter.


The web portal ‘research-in-germany.de’ now offers a newsletter with the latest information on Germany as a centre of research.


The newsletter “Research in Germany” will appear fortnightly with articles and interviews on research institutions and their projects, on opportunities for collaborating with top-class German researchers, as well as on the most recent developments in science and research, and on the High-Tech Strategy for Germany.

The information service addresses foreign academics, scientists, and stakeholders and gives them the opportunity to learn more about Germany’s wide-ranging and diverse science and research landscape. It also aims to awaken an interest in completing research stays in Germany. The newsletter additionally offers researchers information on finding suitable partners for their collaborative research projects at international exhibitions, professional conventions and conferences.


The newsletter is published by the “Research in Germany” information platform. The portal gives an overview of the German research landscape, along with the latest news and an event guide, plus a web catalogue with more than 200 annotated links on life and research in Germany. It further offers information on the thematic and regional focuses pursued by the initiative “Research in Germany – Land of Ideas”, a project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), which has been promoting Germany as a leading centre of science and research on the international stage since 2006.


Editorial responsibility for the portal lies with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

You can subscribe to the newsletter or download the pdf-file at www.research-in-Germany.de/Newsletter.