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ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework and National Qualifications Frameworks

written by Andrea Bateman and Mike Coles, commissioned by DAAD 

October 2015


SHARE’s first published state of play report focuses on qualifications framework developments in the ASEAN region. National as well as the already endorsed ASEAN Qualification framework are tools that make academic achievements readable and comparable in order to facilitate exchange and cooperation. The AQRF is based on a set of principles, that shall invite and encourage voluntary engagement from the countries. Still, ASEAN’s member countries have to work on an alignment. The study was written by Andrea Bateman and Mike Coles and commissioned by DAAD. Read more  



Student Mobility and CTS
written by Fabrice Hénard, Sylvie Bonichon, Arief Maulana, Gama Iqbal, Karina Oratmangun, commissioned by EP-Nuffic and CampusFrance

February 2016


Student Mobility and Credit Transfer System in ASEAN: Mapping student mobility and credit transfer systems in ASEAN region” is a joint report by Campus France and EP-Nuffic, commissioned under Result 3, Credit Transfer System and Scholarships. This report identifies the actions which could be undertaken in the ASEAN region in order to enhance student mobility and to allow for the recognition of students’ study abroad period in the ASEAN region. Read more



Higher Education Quality Assurance in the ASEAN Region
ritten by Frank Niedermeier and Philipp Pohlenz, commissioned by DAAD

February 2016


Agreed upon and consistent quality assurance processes are essential for well-performing higher education institutions and a precondition for comparability and readability of academic achievements and degrees across the ASEAN region. Among the studies SHARE has commissioned is this state of play report on quality assurance in ASEAN. The authors mapped the state of play of national quality assurance systems and drew valuable recommendations for the way forward towards harmonised regional quality assurance as an indispensible fundament of enhanced regional cooperation and mobility. The study was written by Frank Niedermeier and Philipp Pohlenz and commissioned by DAAD. Read more