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General Information

Studying or researching at a German higher education institution needs to be properly financed. Public universities in Germany often do not charge tuition fees. If they charge such fees, however, these will be considerably lower than in other western countries. Thus, the main costs a foreign student or researcher in Germany has to face usually are for traveling, books and other materials relevant to his work, accommodation and the general living expenses. A scholarship or grant may be the answer for those who don’t have the necessary financial resources.

Various German organisations provide scholarships for foreign students and academics studying or doing research in Germany, e.g. the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation or the DAAD. For information about these organisations and their programs see:




The DAAD offers a large number of scholarships to Indonesians. Most of its scholarship programs are addressed to university- teachers (from public or private universities), to researchers from public institutions and to professionals working in the public or in the private sector. For undergraduates from the field of German studies, the DAAD offers summer courses at German universities and study scholarships for one semester.


For detailed information about the DAAD-scholarship programs for Indonesia, click here. The team of the DAAD Jakarta office will be happy to answer any of your questions (for address and consulting hours click here).

The DAAD headquater provides a searchable scholarship database which includes not only DAAD programs, but also scholarships granted by other German organisations (see www.funding-guide.de )