DAAD Regional Office Jakarta
Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 61-62
Summitmas 2, 14th Floor
Jakarta 12190
Tel.: +62 (21) 520 08 70, 525 28 07
Fax: +62 (21) 525 28 22

Our consulting hours every Thursday, 13:30 - 16:00 WIB

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General information

The DAAD sees the end of a scholarship or support as the beginning of a long-standing active relationship with its former scholarship holders (alumni).

DAAD alumni activities in Indonesia aim to:

  • Continue contacts between the alumni themselves and between the alumni, their German host institutions and the DAAD. 
  • Maintain professional, academic and personal ties with Germany by providing a regular information service.
  • Contribute to deepening and extending academic exchange between Indonesia and Germany, thereby playing a positive role in the internationalization of higher education.
  • Use the experience and knowledge gained by the alumni during their study and research stays in Germany to the benefit of the current generation of scholarship holders and those interested in studying in Germany in the future.

For more information on our alumni programs please klick here or visit the DAAD headquarter website www.daad.de or otherwise come to visit our Jakarta office.


If you are a GERMANY alumnus/alumna - i.e. if you studied or pursued research in Germany (whether with support from DAAD or not) - we would like to keep in touch with you. Please help us to keep contact with you, keep you informed about alumni activities and scholarship programs and provide you with NADI, our alumni journal, by filling in our alumni questionnaire, and send it back to: media@daadjkt.org

A possibility to share experience and associated with other alumni is the APD and  Alumni Clubs. Here are some addresses of important alumni organisations in Indonesia:


Perhimpunan Alumni Jerman (PAJ)

Jalan Angkasa 20, Kemayoran

Jakarta Pusat

Tel: 021 - 224 201 50


Dr. –Ing. Fila Loa
c/o ZETA Corporation
Graha BIP Lt.8, Jl. Gatot Subroto, Kav.23, Jakarta 12930
Phone:+ 62-21-2522538
Fax : +62-21-2522537

KAAD Committee Indonesia - KONTAK
Dr. Juliana Murniati
Universitas Atmajaya
Jl. Jendral Sudirman 51
Jakarta 12930
Mobile: +62 815 923 9617
Fax : +62 21 570 8967
E-mail: juliana.murniati@atmajaya.ac.id


World University Service Komite Indonesia (WUSKI)
Jl. Guntur No.22 Manggarai
Jakarta 12980, Indonesia 
Email: wuski@indo.net.id
Homepage: www.wuski.or.id


Eintopf-Klub Surabaya
Jl. Taman AIS Nasution 15
Surabaya 60271, Indonesien
Tel.: +62-31-546 3626
E-mail: sek_eintopf@yahoo.com


PAJ Aceh

Dr. rer. nat. Ilham Maulana SSi

Jl. Tengku Nyak Arief No. 335D

Jeulingke - Banda Aceh

E-mail: sekretariat@paj-aceh.org and  meulinteung@yahoo.com

Homepage: paj-aceh.org/id